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Mrs Tracy

The guidance you need a psychic you can trust .


Are you struggling with a difficult decision or feel confused by actions of someone in your personal life or job?

If you need answers, advice or solid direction on love, career, finance, personal growth & all matters of life I can help.

Do you long to really feel understood by someone who can offer you compassionate honest guidance?

A reading with will leave you with a sense of peace, closure & direction. Im a deeply spiritual clairvoyant for over 30 years, who connects with spirit guides to bring forth information that is largely hidden or unseen.

I can guide you in attracting love, working through confusing or difficult relationships, coping with loss & finding your true purpose. I can guide you to a place of clarity and trust your ability to overcome obstacles. My clients describe me as accurate, compassionate and nonjudgmental.You will feel worlds better after a reading with me.

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Advisor Mrs Tracy's Recent Feedback

Makeeda ismael

July 12 2018 02:45 AM


May 23 2018 04:18 AM

Awesome call! Thank you!


May 01 2018 05:28 AM

She was honest and direct. Thank you.


March 22 2018 10:02 PM

Mrs. Tracy connected very quiclky and was able to give me details about the person i was inquiring about. I will be calling her back soon. Although i did not like some of the answers , i do appreciate her honesty.. She is very caring. will call back soon.


February 26 2018 03:33 AM

Mrs Tracy was a pleasure to connect with and I'm happy I decided to call her today. She explained to me what I can expect and when. I loved my reading with her very much. I have put Mrs Tracy in my favorites here at sotellit. Calling back soon.


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