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Heartworker Heb

For All Have Fallen


I am a first wave divine feminine twin flame here to assist the collective in ascension. I have consciously been on my own ascension journey since 2006 when my mother had a severe auto accident that left her permanently disabled. Upon her and my Father's death, I have traveled extensively searching for answers to life's biggest questions. I've studied in many Yogic principles and under many Central American Shamans. With my awakening in 2011, I have discovered I am an empath with a rare heart connection to all beings. My twin flame and I are currently in the reunion phase of our mission.

I'm aligning myself constantly with the universe along my rogue endeavors. My studious nature researches metaphysical plains, chakra energy alignment, etheric touch, empathic nurturing and mind, body and soul enlightenment. I have many questions. I seek others like me. Adventure beckons me daily. My hope is that the pursuit of life and it's purpose keeps reality in moments. I want others to remember my compassion, my quest and the story that envelopes it. I've spent a lot of time and put a lot of heart into being the change I want to see in the disconnection amongst humanity. I stay focused on such things and do my best to be a fun-loving free spirit. I figured out a long time ago that I am not a body with a soul....I'm a soul in a body that has an expiration date.

We are all co-creators of our I AM presence. I am here to assist you in raising your vibration to maintain positive flow- as within, so without.

Allow me to resonate with you and guide you into the power of the Now.

I do not use tools, only ascended masters and energy work are introduced in my readings.

I am a NON Prophet

I do NOT give "predictions"
~everyone has free will~ I am here to empower YOU to make the most positive outcomes

I will NOT be your magic 8 ball, mirror ball, glass ball or monster ball

Remember your power, your greatness and your authenticity- it lies within your <3 Heart <3

All my love,
Heartworker Heather

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