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Intuitive Psychic, Certified LIfe Coach, Tarot Reader


I am an Intuitive Psychic I love to have deep conversations with people and am naturally geared to analyze situations with a view to gaining personal empowerment and growth above all else. I believe that psychic readings can be a positive force in people?s lives, but only if people listen well and take their reading seriously and to heart. If you don?t, nothing will change for you. Everyone can choose whatever path they want in life. My goal is to help you see which path will have the best outcome for your future. I can help you work through difficult life challenges in terms of relationships with self, others and/or careers. I can help you gain insight and different perspectives through support and my intuitive abilities. I do this through reading the cards, as well as getting messages from my guides to give to you and, incorporating my skills in Life Coaching for your benefit. I believe my guides helped me find my true calling and to understand that there is always a solution; no matter how overwhelming it may appear. The cards trigger these messages and will benefit you (as have others before you) for your highest learning. I love to get to the bottom of the issue at hand and delve beyond the traditional meanings of each card to find its meaning for you. I want my callers to know that nothing is beyond their control if they are willing to work hard to change their situation. I describe myself as an honest and forthright psychic. I won?t tell my callers what they want to hear, rather, I tell them what they have to hear. Tarot is a great tool for providing guidance and my aim is to leave you with the strategies and knowledge to help make the best choices you can for yourself. I believe each of us has the power to determine, change and influence any read we may get; ultimately you are in charge of your destiny. If you?re willing to play an active role in your reading and your life, you?ve found the right psychic. Talk with me and we will see what the universe would like you to know. I would consider it a privilege, an honor and humbling to be able to read for you. My Experience: Level 2 Reiki Practitioner Energy Healing Unlocking the Magic Within Pendulums and their uses Diploma of Community Development and Services (Group and Personal Communications, Psychology Tarot Reader Biddy Tarot Oracle Angel Card Reader

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