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Hope timeline comes to pass! Picked up very fast on situation positive about outcome. Rates are very affordable. Thanks!

12 May 2018 10:34 AM ––Suzie
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25 March 2018 06:57 AM ––Gary
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Advisor was very nice and easy to talk to..I don't think she connected with my situation at the beginning of my reading.. I decided to hang on a couple more minutes and she reade my situation like an open book! Thanks April. Will call back before April to give you Great News!

10 March 2018 07:10 AM ––Vette
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I tried to leave her a five-star won’t let me she was very good I recommend her Thanks so much April

09 March 2018 11:22 PM ––Christopher
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She was one point very helpful and very good I will be calling her back

09 March 2018 11:16 PM ––Christopher
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