Advisor Leo Brown's Feedback

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Got to talked to you last time! Thank you for reading for me. Everything is ok just as you said! You were great. Thanks again.

18 October 2018 03:56 AM ––Savannah
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12 July 2018 02:45 AM ––Makeeda ismael
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I appreciate his honest with a splash of humor..very informative as well..thanks

21 May 2018 03:34 PM ––Makeeda ismael
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Very sweet, personable, and immediate feedback! :-) Didn't sugarcoat anything and was straight to the point!

18 April 2018 05:15 PM ––Kara
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I appreciate that you answered my questions directly and quickly and I appreciated your insight too! When I get more funds I will be calling back!

03 February 2018 06:43 AM ––Faith
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