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Thank you for your time! It was a great call and you gave me very good insights about my person. Thank you

05 September 2018 09:00 AM ––Savannah
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Spot on..Very quick and accurate on things I told her nothing about..Will definitely be contacting her again

13 July 2018 02:39 PM ––Kandi772
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Awesome call! Thank you!

13 July 2018 01:05 AM ––Maria meza
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Awesome call! Thank you!

12 July 2018 03:38 AM ––Makeeda ismael
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Thank you so much

06 May 2018 02:47 AM ––Jennifer martin
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Thank u so much your reading was very much on point the situation with the Gemini is something that has had me in my feelings bag but the other person/people as I said really are not wat I'm interested in at this point the situation with my sister on the other hand is another horse of a different color I have cut ties with her and her family because I refuse to continue to be used and ran over I no longer wish to deal with her and with the two retrogrades back to back is the way I knew it was that time agai

23 April 2018 02:00 AM ––Dawn ross
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Love psychic Jada is great and accurate with her time frames, she does take her time when it comes to her clients and receiving the information from the universe. Will call back for an update thanks again.

19 April 2018 01:27 AM ––Lizdans89
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Great phone call she takes her time she doesn't rush you she explains everything genuinely thank you jada

18 April 2018 01:41 AM ––Robert rice
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