By  Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert

(make the choice now !)should you let go ? or hold on?

Make the choice now, Reveal if its real love between the both of you, Can't hold on to some one that dose not want to be held on to. FREE WILL can not be forced or made for others , its their own free will their choice to do what one wants to do.If you have been waiting for HIM or HER to reach out to you over a month or longer, Call me, If you live in a lie like lieing you[...]

 By  Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert

What can delay times or months/path

While doing these readings is my livelihood my motive is NOT about money alone. My first priority is being your advocate and showing you the path that is best for your own benefit. If I do not feel my readings are of help to someone I will be upfront and let them know it. All I ask in return is for my clients to listen to the advice they ask for and trust in their own abil[...]

 By  Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert

Hear the truth hear what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

I have been helping clients just like you for more than 40+ years and I wish nothing more than to give you the relief and truth you have been seeking. Whether the news I give is good or bad I will give you the tools to handle them and I will not falter in giving you exactly what I am shown. I will show you the path to happiness through empowerment. If you have questions su[...]

 By  Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert

Why & how to let go or move on!

I have been a Life Coach and a reader and Advisor for many years 40 plus.I have heard it all saw it all and worked with it all. And if you want to hear the truth and you want to live knowing the truth ,,? The truth sets us all free.Cant hold to some one that's dose not want to be held on to and you can't force anyone free will to make them love you. If someone makes you[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Psychic chrissy

book a personal reading with me.

 By  Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert

New changes, new choices is your free will.

Time to live life and achieve your goals and conquer your dreams,I feel you need this kick push to move forwards ,Do not let Him/Her hold you back from doing so..Look up smile and let the pain go that has you standing in the spot your in now and has you holding back from moving forwards .WHY hold on to what makes you more unhappy sad and mad and bitter , when you can let [...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Horoscope june 24-30, 2019

Weekly Horoscope Jun 24-30, 2019 I feel as though an air sign could be coming out of the dark after a period of isolation. This person has been holding a lot in when it comes to their emotions and how they view you. For someone of you this person could come off as a little aggressive. I see a change of events coming you way. Your world seems to be falling apart, but you n[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Weekly horoscope jun 16-22, 2019

I feel as though you are feeling determined even though this present time in your life things seems tone falling apart. Even though that you are stressing and feeling overwhelmed you are still trying to keep a clear mind. Many of you are doing candle magic and manifesting. This week will be the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Take time to set goals and intentions for your future[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

May 12-18, 2019 weekly horoscope:

Someone could’ve dealt with a miscarriage recently. I do feel like the family could be struggling right now. There is someone that is starting to see that their partner isn’t mature in the ways they should be. During the beginning of the week a majority is dealing with a heartbreak from an air sign. You’’re trying to gather your emotions but things are seeming to [...]

 By  Lillian Rose

May is here summer love readings

As we get closer to summer Love is in the air .we all want that special person to share it with .AS THE STARS AND t PLANETS CHANGE so do we .are Astrological signs tell us .a lot about our true LOVES IF IN A RELATOINSHIP or OR STILL LOOKING 4 THAT SPECIAL SOME1 no your sign will help u discover true LOVE . IM A Astrologer for over 40 years and call now yours t[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Weekly horoscope: apr 21-27, 2019

I see most of you are trying to come out of conflict with someone. I feel like you are trying to find balance and figure out what you’re wanting to do next. I see people planting seeds this week. This is the week you’re going to be finding truth, I see a lot of passion this week. You can be working on new business ventures as well as wanting to move forward with someon[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Weekly horoscope: april 14-20, 2019

I feel like most of you are starting to get the big picture in a situation that could be 3rd party as well of just having a group conflict. The beginning of the week I feel as though a few of you could be feel depressed and down because of a broken union, I feel like things aren’t going the way as intended. I feel a lot of doubt right now. I see a lot of opinions surroun[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Weekly horoscope: april 7-13, 2019

I feel like you are waiting around for things to improve in your life. Most of you are thinking the worse has happened. I see a lot of inner-conflict, mental illnesses. I see the focus for this week is school and bettering yourself even for a small amount focusing on expanding yourself in general. I see conversations this week. You could be dealing with someone who is self[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

March 31 - april 7, 2019 weekly horoscope:

I feel like someone can be dealing with some sort of portrayal, you feel like you lost a chance with someone. As the week starts I feel like an air sign will be moving towards an fire sign even an earth sign could be involved, they could be coming to visit you, I do feel this is someone from your past. As the week goes you feel like you are overcoming challenges but someon[...]

 By  Madame Calypso

Thursday- astrology and financial expansion advice

Thursday March 28, 2019 Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, good luck, long distance travel, gambling, showing mercy, speculation, and most of all, increase! Anything you are working on or wishing on today will be maximized to the fullest! So be careful! Or go big or go home! The planetary hours for Jupiter on Thursdays a[...]

 By  Psychic Asteria


Numerology can be used to determine the energy of a person or life path. These are also messages that we receive as guidance. Each number holds a vibration. The way you determine your life path number is by adding your month, day, and year of birth together. A life path number one person is often a leader. They can be a bit aggressive as well. A life path number two is som[...]

 By  Lucas Delvecchio

The time is now to fix things

hey good day, I'm writing to all my clients here on we are entering phases of life and it seems at times its dark and unclear. tis can raise fear jealous sadness but mostly it brings a great deep anger. what must we do to prepare ourselves or fix the situation bestowed upon us? we must put our emotional feelings to the side and see things from a differe[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

Weekly horoscope: march 24-30, 2019

I feel like someone is finding out that they are expecting this week, you are feeling secure in your life right now. For others you will be starting new opportunities, new jobs feeling secure. A few people could be taking exams this week and will be passing them. I feel communication coming in and it will be going in a better direction. People can also be wanting to stay a[...]

 By  Lillian Rose

New season new equinox

Happy spring . The new season bring hopes eternal as we go in to spring and summer, everything changes not only the weather but astrologically changes take place in our moons, stars, and planets and we as people are all effected by this. it does not matter which astrology sign you are born under. not only does are moods change because of the seasons change, but so do ou[...]

 By  Psychic Chrissy

March 17 - 23, 2019 weekly horoscope:

I feel like you are weighing your options. You are wanting better. You are wanting to forgive people. People are going to be reconciling with past lovers and friendships. If you have been in conflict it’s time to let it go and forgive and move forward in life. As the week starts, you may be overthinking and having trouble sleeping, you will be having communication from a[...]

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