(make the choice now !)should you let go ? or hold on?

Sat, 24 Aug 2019

Make the choice now, Reveal if its real love between the both of you, Can't hold on to some one that dose not want to be held on to. FREE WILL can not be forced or made for others , its their own free will their choice to do what one wants to do.If you have been waiting for HIM or HER to reach out to you over a month or longer, Call me, If you live in a lie like lieing your self to hear what you want to hear , then your holding your self back and your holding your future back because your stuck now in the present idling and not allowing your self to let other things or people come in your life.Wasting Seconds, Mins,Days,Months,,Before you know it, Life has passed you by, and decisions You Make if your free will to be happy or sad .Your free will to live life and not just to exist in it. Call me and I will help you know what choices you can and need to make.

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