Why & how to let go or move on!

Tue, 13 Aug 2019

I have been a Life Coach and a reader and Advisor for many years 40 plus.I have heard it all saw it all and worked with it all. And if you want to hear the truth and you want to live knowing the truth ,,? The truth sets us all free.Cant hold to some one that's dose not want to be held on to and you can't force anyone free will to make them love you. If someone makes you more unhappy sad miserable ? Why hold on to that when you have your own FREE WILL and you can make your own choices.,? Let got start new and with in the first 3 to 4 months you will be better lessed stressed and you will move one to new beauthyful things and you will love life knowing you can breath again and let others come in your life as well.No Man nor Women is worth putting your life - future oh hold for or going to prison for ,Because no one is meant to be alone, Not unless they make that choice to be along, FREE WILL____YOUR CHOICE____YOUR LIFE. LIVE LIFE and stop just EXISTING. Be honest with your self and know the truth, why live in a lie or lie your self.

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