Horoscope june 24-30, 2019

Tue, 25 Jun 2019

Weekly Horoscope Jun 24-30, 2019 I feel as though an air sign could be coming out of the dark after a period of isolation. This person has been holding a lot in when it comes to their emotions and how they view you. For someone of you this person could come off as a little aggressive. I see a change of events coming you way. Your world seems to be falling apart, but you need to trust the process and stay hopeful. I do feel like someone have had you feel incomplete and not give you the closure that you’e needing to grow. This is going to be the time to be mending broken relationships. I do feel like an earth or air sign could be thinking a lot about you this week. They are wanting to be playful and rekindle old times. The overall collective energy this week is to make time for self-healing and get out more. An individual could be taking a hike within the next few days as well. Your angels are wanting you to beware of chaos and conflict over the next few days, you could be seeing the number 333 very frequent.

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