Weekly horoscope jun 16-22, 2019

Sun, 16 Jun 2019

I feel as though you are feeling determined even though this present time in your life things seems tone falling apart. Even though that you are stressing and feeling overwhelmed you are still trying to keep a clear mind. Many of you are doing candle magic and manifesting. This week will be the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Take time to set goals and intentions for your future. I feel like you are starting to see a clear picture between you and a air/earth sign. I feel like there is an fire sign that is finding balance in your life. I do see you getting what you’ve been wishing for. After a period of time of isolation and closed doors, I see people being pulled towards you over the next few days. The angels are wanting you to find balance and set time aside to be outdoors, listen to music to clear your energy. I do feel like this week you will be getting truth, and air sign in 1-4 days will be expressing how they feel about you. A few of you will be caught off guard. From what I am seeing, the person could have dark curly hair, playful personalty. I do feel like you two will find balance to work things out. You and this person will have a stable family life in the longterm future.

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