May 12-18, 2019 weekly horoscope:

Mon, 13 May 2019

Someone could’ve dealt with a miscarriage recently. I do feel like the family could be struggling right now. There is someone that is starting to see that their partner isn’t mature in the ways they should be. During the beginning of the week a majority is dealing with a heartbreak from an air sign. You’’re trying to gather your emotions but things are seeming to be falling apart for you. Your world is flipping upside. I feel like someone you were dealing with is starting to come around, someone was feeling like they had to stand their ground. I see a female sitting in her throne and knowing her worth. I do feel like people are going to be dealing with people from their past. whenever they come around make sure to watch your words and speak from a calm tone. This person is a soul mate of yours. This is going to be a week where you’re going to be happy. Single parent with a baby boy, you are starting to support yourself and you kid, things will work out. I see a lot of people seeing butterflies this week, this is a sign of a new chapter. You are entering a new phase in your life.Take the moment to embrace what’s going on around you. Take time to decide what path you want to take next. I feel like people will be coming out of conflict, you could play an instrument or just listening to music a lot currently. #weeklyhoroscope #love #life

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