Weekly horoscope: apr 21-27, 2019

Mon, 22 Apr 2019

I see most of you are trying to come out of conflict with someone. I feel like you are trying to find balance and figure out what you’re wanting to do next. I see people planting seeds this week. This is the week you’re going to be finding truth, I see a lot of passion this week. You can be working on new business ventures as well as wanting to move forward with someone that you were not on the same page with recently. I feel like things seemed to be taking a long time. I feel like you could’ve been wanting to slow down and analyze all of your options before taking the next steps. Some of you could overthink a lot so just try to live in the moment. Your clarity is coming in over the next few days. People are going to want to step out of their comfort zone. I do see people spying on fire signs, earth signs. This is the phase to detox and let go of toxic situation. A few of you will be working on a healthier lifestyle. Make sure to watch out for red flags. I feel the universe is calling for you to keep moving forward and not to give up. I feel this is the time for you guys to clear the fog, meditate and find peace within yourself. Make sure you know what you really want inside. #weeklyhoroscope #love #life

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