Weekly horoscope: april 14-20, 2019

Sun, 14 Apr 2019

I feel like most of you are starting to get the big picture in a situation that could be 3rd party as well of just having a group conflict. The beginning of the week I feel as though a few of you could be feel depressed and down because of a broken union, I feel like things aren’t going the way as intended. I feel a lot of doubt right now. I see a lot of opinions surrounding you. People are saying what you should and shouldn’t do. Your emotions are getting the best of you. For a small amount I feel your world is falling apart after finding out someone you’re connected to has been entertaining other’s outside of your relationship. There could be conflict during the middle of this week so try to make sure you make the right choices and choose the right words to say. As the week ends, I feel like you’re going to be wanting to take things slowly. Watch out for communication. I feel you could be trapped in your thoughts and afraid to move forward in your life. At this time I am seeing you need to stay focus on your personal goals and what you want in life. This is the time for you to be honest and acknowledge what doesn’t work out. Your angels are wanting you to step back from people who aren’t serving you peace. A lot of people would be venting to friends right now as well as getting guidance from psychics. #weeklyhoroscope #life #love

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