Weekly horoscope: april 7-13, 2019

Sun, 7 Apr 2019

I feel like you are waiting around for things to improve in your life. Most of you are thinking the worse has happened. I see a lot of inner-conflict, mental illnesses. I see the focus for this week is school and bettering yourself even for a small amount focusing on expanding yourself in general. I see conversations this week. You could be dealing with someone who is self-centered and act immature at times. This person could be giving you information through someone else perhaps. I see someone could be getting flowers this week. I see this week may be full of sorrow and worry, but try to remain hopeful. Try to stay optimistic even when things seem to not be improving. I feel like you should be taking time to step back and try to filter your emotions. Go out to see new things and meet new people even. Make it a time to analyze both sides of the situation your involved in and make sure you are making all the puzzles fit. Admit your feelings and your deep emotions for now and balance yourself. Make time for yourself and make decisions that make you feel good and what you see improving your life. It’s not a time to please others.

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