March 31 - april 7, 2019 weekly horoscope:

Sun, 31 Mar 2019

I feel like someone can be dealing with some sort of portrayal, you feel like you lost a chance with someone. As the week starts I feel like an air sign will be moving towards an fire sign even an earth sign could be involved, they could be coming to visit you, I do feel this is someone from your past. As the week goes you feel like you are overcoming challenges but someone is wanting you to beg for them to come back, they will be throwing out scenarios at you to throw you off guard. I feel like things didn’t workout for you two in the past. I feel like someone was going through some sort of healing and they weren’t able to love. By the end of the week someone could be proposing to you or even begging for you to take them back, if you are a fire sign you will be caught off guard, if they’re an earth sign you’ll have the option to allow them to come back. This person feels intimidated to do this, they have negative thoughts about the situation, I feel like this is an air sign who is thinking negatively about what to do. This week highlight is unconditional love, being able to love through whatever. This is the time to receive blessings, you are dealing with a soul mate. Someone is needing to surrender control. I see a lot of new beginnings through out this week. Be open for the unexpected.

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