Thursday- astrology and financial expansion advice

Thu, 28 Mar 2019

Thursday March 28, 2019 Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, good luck, long distance travel, gambling, showing mercy, speculation, and most of all, increase! Anything you are working on or wishing on today will be maximized to the fullest! So be careful! Or go big or go home! The planetary hours for Jupiter on Thursdays are 1 am and 1pm; and 8am and 8pm. The Tarot Card for today is 5 of Scepters. 5- Numerology: Conflict and change, adventure, freedom, and sensuality. This means today that it's time to reform your business plans. In doing so this will boost very good luck in business! This boost will be for long term business luck and success. Be sure to avoid conflicting budgets, seek adventure and financial freedom. Be sensual and enjoy the beauty of life. Deck: Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot, by C. C. Zain For a complete business reading and increase of finances, call me now!

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