The time is now to fix things

Tue, 26 Mar 2019

hey good day, I'm writing to all my clients here on we are entering phases of life and it seems at times its dark and unclear. tis can raise fear jealous sadness but mostly it brings a great deep anger. what must we do to prepare ourselves or fix the situation bestowed upon us? we must put our emotional feelings to the side and see things from a different perspective. this whole time we went through Mercury retrograde cancer moon new moon and now full moon,, we should have learned lifes valuable lessons and how to go about things. we don't go through these thins for no reason. We go through them so we can grow wiser and stronger mentally nd spiritually and then to teach others and correctly fix the situations in front of us. now that we are In full moon phase, this means we should NOT be afraid of our situations, instead we should want to tackle them and fix them if we are allowed to. Because we are not just sheep, we are growing and becoming stronger. like a infant who would be nursed and loved, to a baby who grew strong to crawl, to a regular size kid and adult who is able to survive on its own. we are human for a reason. Lets learn to fly, we was not meant to be second best, learning to fly means to take art in this world our destiny and to obtain it. Lets kick fear and doubt in the ass! we was all meant to fly and spread our wings, nothing is unattainable. Call Me and lets talk about it.

Article Categories:  Love & Relationships

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