Weekly horoscope: march 24-30, 2019

Mon, 25 Mar 2019

I feel like someone is finding out that they are expecting this week, you are feeling secure in your life right now. For others you will be starting new opportunities, new jobs feeling secure. A few people could be taking exams this week and will be passing them. I feel communication coming in and it will be going in a better direction. People can also be wanting to stay away from conversations that bring them down, I see leaving the old and going into energies that will lift you up. This is a time to clear out your space. As Mercury Retrograde is ending make sure to set intentions for 2019. I see someone could’ve been having trouble in the home but I feel like people are going to start seeing their side in the situation and leave the negativity in the past. I feel people will be growing up this week. I feel people will be leaving old jobs and going towards something that is a better fit for them. This week is called to have courage and to stay positive. Watch for red flags, try to outweigh the circumstances being making serious decisions. Stay focused on your intentions. Make sure to put your goals and dreams first. Archangel is calling for you to pay attention to your dreams as well, people will be getting intuitive messages from your dreams.

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