Weekly horoscope mar 10-16, 2019

Wed, 13 Mar 2019

I feel like someone can be feeling like they have to win at all cost. I feel like there is some deception going on right now. A few people could be feeling lazy, not feeling like there no point of trying anymore. I see chaos is causing people to want to search for more in life. You are no longer wanting to settle. There was a lot of procrastination, You had lack of direction As this week goes, people will be using their intuition with new offers coming in, some work and some love offers. I feel like this is the period of letting go. I see people listening to music more right now to ease their emotions. A earth sign could be starting to learn a new instrument. Towards the end of the week people will be leaving behind jobs that aren’t benefiting their life anymore. I feel like you are wanting more in life and your’e cutting out things that aren’t giving you what you want. Even though you are going through a lot right now you keep remembering to always follow your heart.

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