March 3-9, 2019 weekly horoscope:

Tue, 5 Mar 2019

I feel like you’re feeling a little unbalanced right now due to some sort of deception. Some of you are feeling lazy and down right now. I sense depression for a few. I feel like the beginning of the week you will be having a decision to make and its a tough one. You have just gotten attention from an air sign for someone. As the weeks progresses, I see you finding balance within yourself. I see a lot of mediation this week, I see a lot of hiking or spending time by the water. This spring I see new opportunities coming in. The week will be ending with union, I see a lot of passion and stability within the home, someone will be talking about building a family and others will be going into a longterm commitment. Make sure to be paying attention to your health. Whatever path you are on, this is your purpose for majority of you. Mind yourself to free yourself from judgment and express love at this time. Go out and spend time with nature and allow your friends to be a support for you.

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