Weekly horoscope: feb 24-mar 2, 2019

Mon, 25 Feb 2019

I see you are feeling insecure because you are feeling like you are up against unachievable expectations. Some of you could be dealing with jealousy along with someone being overbearing. Someone could be dealing with a legal situation this week that has you on edge. As the week start you could be avoiding someone that causes you to lose your inner voice. I feel like during the middle of the week there could be a breakup, you will be feeling negative towards the person you are dealing with. I see this week a few people will be finding out about a 3rd party situation. I feel like you have these feelings already in your thoughts. You may be reaching out to psychics that will be informing you on this situation. Try to understand why the person made the designs that they made, listen to both sides of the story before you walk away. A small amount you will be reconciling with an ex from your past that could’ve been lying to you. #horoscope #love #life

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