Weekly horoscope: feb 17-23, 2019

Tue, 19 Feb 2019

I feel as though you have gone through the healing process. I feel someone can be coming back to apologize to you. The angel wants you to stay optimistic in your love life. I feel your feelings can be affected by of lack of joy of the past. I see you do try to see the positivity in life. As the week goes on, I feel you will be coming out of stagnant energy and start moving forward, you can be spending time with family this week. I feel people can be feeling moody, you want to try again but past trauma makes you question if this is the right thing. Your thoughts create your reality. Try to keep your thoughts control, the more positive you think are the more positive your life will become. I do see as the week ends, you will be feeling unbalance because things are going the way you thought. I feel like someone is unhappy because they didn’t get positive results on a pregnancy test. This week you need to work on self-esteem, try to see your worth this week. Archangels want you to know that your children are being protected as well.

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