Attracting your twin flame

Sat, 5 Jan 2019

For those looking to meet or strengthen your twin flame connection, I highly recommend clearing your auric field regularly. There are various ways of doing this including guided audio meditations, mantra or affirmation-based rituals, gratitude journaling, chakra balancing--even Ho oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, can be effective--depending on what resonates with your belief system and lifestyle. If you believe, and you are willing to commit to working with these energy healing tools daily, you can succeed in raising your base vibration. Your new signal makes you highly attractive to your twin flame, whether incarnate or in the astral realms. You may start to receive telepathic messages in the form of lucid or prophetic dreams, repeating name or number syncs, doppelgangers, and other more personal signs and syncs such as spirit animal totems. Learn to trust these messages so you may continue to cultivate trust in your inner being and learn how your higher self is communicating with you. As you do so the frequency of the guidance will increase in direct proportion to your vibration. Remember, as Abraham-Hicks has said, "we only manifest to the extent to which we can allow." If you would like to check in to see where you are on your journey, please give me a call. I am happy to pull some cards to gauge your progress. Please note that I prefer to read for prescription rather than prediction, however. This is more ethically sound and less energetically intrusive to your twin in the 3D. Learning how you yourself can maintain momentum/vibrational equilibrium is more empowering than giving your power away to a reader or prediction. While your twin flame recognition event maybe a fated contractual event, timelines are not written in stone. They accelerate as YOU do your spiritual work and rise in consciousness. The ultimate goal for those on a twin flame journey/mission is to ascend into 5D/Unity consciousness which helps the planet evolve. ~ Image Credit: William Maw Egley, "The Lady of Shallot," 1858 (Museums Sheffield)

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