It's summer here!!!

Sat, 15 Dec 2018

Finally the suns' come out for summer....sorry to those in the northern hemisphere as winter is upon you....there's many cyclones/storms at the moment....I hope you're all keeping you animals safe and happy.....We can draw on the sun for extra energy and vitality.... It's good to get your vitamins in anyway a precaution I take vitamins daily and try to get enough sun to keep my happy levels up on above good levels.... We all know that huh or do we tend to forget that's what our bodies need in order to function.... Grounding is good on sunny days cause you won't get cold feet on the its' also good to get you're feet out on the ground in winter....stay connected to the earth.... Keeping expectations low also helps when receiving gratitude for everyday things....then when we come up against brick walls we won't suffer as much cause we are expecting downfalls that come with the ups and downs of life..... Food for thought people.... Thanks for your time Anatasia!!!

Article Categories:  Life Questions

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