Cinnamon stick protection

Wed, 5 Dec 2018

Aside from having a sweet aromatic scent & a delicious taste stirred with a cup of your favorite tea, cinnamon sticks has many known healing properties. It can kill bacteria & other micro-organism that can be harmful to us. Also can help with heart circulation and even protect your home or self. It has been used for protection and love spell and can be bought at any local grocery store. On a spiritual note, it's known for having high vibrations & can increase one's own vibration. You can reach higher states of spirituality & psychic abilities including your 'Higher Self' so it's great to burn during meditation or before a Reiki session. Cinnamon resonates with the element fire,very masculine, with the Sun as it's corresponding planet & can attract success, wealth, strength, aphrodisiac(love) as the smoke rise. I recommend everyone purchasing a pack to fill the air with warmth, love & a sense of security. Love & Light !

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