Smudge more, stress less

Thu, 29 Nov 2018

''The sage stick she held in her hand flamed as she lit it & then began to smolder. The stick was about 6 inches long & an inch in diameter wrapped together with colorful thread. The sage twigs glowed and the smoke rose in a dance, as smoke does..." Smudging History Smudging, or burning sage in a ritual manner is an Native American tradition for healing, clearing a space & a religious ceremony. The original meaning of the ritual was that the rising smoke carried the request of Spirit. It is often used to remove household odors, & is said to even alleviate airborne germs as well as clearing both the mind home. In Roman times, sage was used in the baths to soothe aching muscles & aching feet while in the Middle Ages it was a very popular medicine to cure everything from coughing to venereal disease. In China, Sage tea is a popular beverage for quieting the nerves & keeping one well. Sage is considered a "hot herb" since it provides energy when burned. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion. We experience this expansion as the smoke moves through the air . Some see sage as bringing wisdom, others note a spiritually connection. How To Smudge, or Burn Sage There are over 500 types of sage grown today but there are a few commonly used for smudging. Just simply find the one that connects with you & follow the smoke. What you need:Smudge stickLighter or flame from a candleA clear mind & intentionsShell/fan (optional) To smudge a room involves walking around the room with the smoldering sage. Hold the sage in our dominant hand, it's recommended to have a tray or shell in the other to catch the ashes. As you apply the flame to the stick, have clear intention of clearing the space or person of negativity, that you wish peace & joy to enter & banish evil. You can also call on help to accomplish this from ancestors, angels, guides or the Universe in general. Trace around doors & windows clockwise allowing only positive energy to enter. If the smoke is stagnate in a specific area, there is some kind of negative energy that resides there, so hold the sage in its place until the smoke is straight up to clear. Continue to move around until you reach the place you started & cross that place to complete the circle then put the sage out giving gratitude to the Universe. Recommended types of Sage: White Sage Dragon Blood Sage Blue Sage Yerba Santo Lavender

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