Living in the unbalanced

Wed, 28 Nov 2018

Hello and welcome to Psychic Lucas’s post. Mercury retrograde is back! However most of us developed a pattern in life where we are most comfortable and Mercury is about to set us completely off balance . Why must we go through this dozens of times? That’s a question for the in prepared I might add! We go through the set backs in our personal life because we are unaware of the wrong we do! Yes believe it or not we do wrong and we don’t relize it. As spirit shows me as well we need to push ourselves to tolerate more and see the obstacle set before us from a different angle. We also need to understand there is a loop hole around things as they are not perfect themselves. We can always fix what merecury metrograde brings down. Don’t be scared nor back down because instead of looking at this as a take away time / or negative bad luck , it’s actually meant to sharpen our senses and to broaden our destiny paths. Why have one reward in life when you can have many? Why not learn and change to better yourself so you can avoid the “Real” negative once it approaches? We should be thankful for this even though it seems not positive itself! Contact me now and let’s remove those road blocks in your life and let’s tear down those “ mountains of life” and together I can help you achieve not 100 percent but 1000 percent of what you desire. Also let me teach you how to properly set yourself up for positivity and success.

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