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 Luke Of The Light

Highly Accurate Intuitive Empath with Clarity and Guidance for You.

I am a second generation professional Intuitive/Healer/Energy Worker originally from Australia, based in California since 2003 - both my mother and sister also work in the Intuitive and Healing fields back in Australia. I have been working with spirit for over two decades, with a focus on Intuitive readings, Palmistry, Tarot, Channeling, and Healing.

I am a Light Worker, deeply empathic and during a reading, I connect to those around you energetically, including those who have passed over. In a reading, I work with your personal Spirit Guides (we all have them) and my own Guides, along with the Ascended Masters. My aim is to give you highly accurate answers and clarity to assist you to live more fully in the present and create a vibrant, abundant and love-filled future. Often this means working with past energies, attachments/relationships and behaviors to give a greater understanding of why certain aspects of your life are stuck in negative patterns and what areas of your life need closure in order to heal and move forward. In addition to my readings,

I offer Channeling sessions where I connect deeply to multiple Ascended Masters to channel messages for you from them. These sessions require either 30 minute or 60 minutes and can be prearranged via a message to me on here. Before contacting me for a reading, it helps to sit quietly for a minute to relax and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and distractions before we work together. Focus on the issues or questions you have and then contact me for the reading.

I want you to have the most productive and fulfilling reading possible and it’s good to remember that the energy you bring to your session assists this process greatly. I look forward to connecting with you with light and unconditional love.

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Mercury Retrograde gets a terrible rap, with good reason! Three to four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky for three weeks at a time, creating chaos in the areas around communication, electronics and communication. There are many fantastic articles about what to avoid doing or saying during these retrogrades, so I wanted to focus on some of the ways you can utilize this period to actually enhance and improve your life.

Mercury retrograde is the PERFECT time to undo something, whether it's a contract, job or partnership you need to get out of, or to generally "trim the fat" out of your life. It's a great period to start a cleanse or new exercise plan, or to declutter and beautify your home and/or work spaces Let's look at your home. It's your sanctuary. And also the most powerful representation of you (other than yourself of course) that other people have access to. If you're home right now, stop reading and take a good look around. How does your home look? Is it cluttered, unclean or messy in any areas? How does it make you FEEL when you look around this space you have created to live in. Your home should rise up to meet you when you enter it, and send you out into the world feeling rested, confident and vibrant each day when you leave it.

I used to be a total hoarder. I kept mementos from everything I did, kept every letter or note someone wrote to me and generally couldn't part with ANYTHING I felt I had some attachment to or memory connected with. Then, at 25, I started meditating. And it made me instantly more aware of how my physical environment impacted other aspects of my life. So I went on a pretty ruthless cleanse and spent weeks going through every last trinket and memento in my possession, letting go of about 95% of them. What I did was sit with the object or possession and remembered what it meant to me. If it was something positive, but not something I had used in any way in over a year, I let it go. Sometimes I took a photo of it so I'd still have the trigger to the memory.

\I had three piles set up - Discard, Donate, Keep. And I set the bar high for something to get placed in the Keep pile. I recommend starting with one room and not tackling your entire home at once. That will just overwhelm you. And if one room feels like too much, start with one drawer, or one shelf. Keep it simple! And make it enjoyable. Put some of your favorite music on. Light some candles or put your favorite oils in a diffuser - I find orange is a perfect oil for cleansing and optimism. And then get to work!

If it's your closet you're tackling, remember the One Year Rule. "Have I worn this in the past year?" If not, it goes in the Donate or Discard piles. If you haven't worn an article of clothing in a year, it's just clutter in your closet. Most towns have second hand clothing stores where you can sell items in exchange for credit or cash. Or you can donate your items to one of the many worthy charity clothing stores. As you clean out each shelf, drawer, desk and closet, be sure to then dispose, recycle or donate your no longer needed goods ASAP. Get that old energy out of your space. And be sure to take a moment or two to enjoy how each newly cleared space feels - that alone will motivate you to continue.


Advisor Luke Of The Light's Recent Feedback

Danielle 's avatar.

I have to say, I was incredibly impressed that Luke was able to get a read of my situation so efficiently. He gave me very clear advice and truly seemed to want to help. The word SAGE keeps coming to mind when I think about his read.

26 April 2018 09:30 AM Danielle
Jaunita1 's avatar.

I'm very happy that I called Luke, he is very uplifting and his visual descriptions give a story as to what he sees unfolding. Very different from the other readers I have spoken to in the past. I can feel his energy around me since our call and that says a lot about his gift. Most readers cannot do that! Thank you Luke. Will reunite with you again!

24 April 2018 04:45 AM Jaunita1
Christine 's avatar.

Luke of the Light gave me an amazing reading. I had instant clarity on the situation I called about and he was incredibly accurate when describing the situation and all of the people involved, to a truly surprising degree. I would definitely get a reading from Luke again and highly recommend him!!! he has a true gift and an awesome australian accent (who doesn't love a man with an accent ;)

10 March 2018 12:52 AM Christine