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Born Gifted- provides direct Angel Messages from the Angelic Realm

Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, Angel Messages, Certified Hypnotist, Author and Love Coach Angel channels messages from the Pure Love Beings including the Angelic realm, as she operates from the angelic realm, free of any human filters. She becomes a conduit for their pure loving energies as well as channels messages. She focuses on the positives in relationships, love, work, finance, and self-love.

Angelica has experienced hearing, seeing, feeling the Angels her whole life. She goes into the ethereal realm where there are no human filters to get messages for those requesting Angel Messages. She loves to support those with an open heart to experience the nurturing and empowerment the Angels can provide.

Enjoy having a reading with Angelica

Some people have asked what a walk in is.

A walk-in experience is when two individual soul expressions switch places. The first soul has gone as far as he or she can in their evolutionary development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken their place will serve in a different capacity than before. The Universe grants permission in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transference. The other soul continues on their journey, either to reunite with a loved one and/or continues to another place to continue learning without returning to Earth.

With a walk-in, a more evolved spirit comes into the human body and continues the journey. The spirit is an energy that is pure until it comes into form with the belief systems it came to evolve. Imagine dying with the knowledge you have and then you incarnate again on Earth as a baby. You come in wiser because you learned from your previous incarnation.

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Joyful Living Who is running your life, the human ego control or the inner spirit? If the human ego control is running your life, you will experience more conflict and stress in your life. Depending on how active your human ego control is, will only lead to a never-ending bunch of doing activities and not feeling fulfilled. If your inner spirit is more active, there is more joy, peace, love, and prosperity. You flow and allow desires to unfold and take inspired action. You have this deep sense of inner connection to the Universe, feeling empowered by the connection. First step is aligning yourself with higher frequencies, such as love and joy. We are living on a vibration oriented planet that mirrors your vibration at the frequency you are emitting. If you have lower self-esteem, fear, negativity, or limitations, your experiences will seem harsher and you will become more reactive and protective. As you take responsibility in your life and choose to take care of yourself, you become more aware of letting go of the lower vibration thoughts and emotions. You let go of the stories and complaining about them. With that you release energies of fears, insecurities, limitations, negativity in the form of beliefs that were hindering you and keeping you stuck in lower frequencies. If the human expression is more active there is more goal setting. With that comes more activities, lots of doing and more stress. Time plays a key role here and so does impatience. When the Ego Controls at a lower frequency, which encompasses fear, insecurity, self-doubt, limitation, you attract experiences that mirror this frequency. The doing of activity after activity, creates stress because the results are not there. Only the "don't want." The Ego wants to experience instant gratification and you become frustrated when the results are not there. Blaming and insecurity become more dominant in your focus. There is more of a tendency to care-take others, discounting your own needs to please others. Therefore, you have less joy in your life. When the inner spirit becomes more active, you live more from a vibration oriented place. Your focus is more on energy and more emphasis on being happy and self-love. The Ego control no longer works. You have intentions and desires. You have to become aligned to the frequency energies of your desires. You have a split energy going one if \you have one foot in the lower frequency and one foot in the higher frequency. This could potentially sabotage the outcome because you feel unworthy of it. When you align with the Universe to deliver these intentions and desires in the form intended at the Universes time frame, you experience higher self-belief. You are allowing and become relaxed with the unknown knowing it is already done in the ethers. You feel excited to see how the Universe delivers. You are more processor oriented enjoying each moment vs. outcome oriented where you become happy when the outcome occurs. The higher the self-belief, receptivity and aligned frequency with what you would enjoy in life, the quicker it comes into fruition. You experience inspired action with the proper people coming together with greater ease. When obstacles occur instead of giving it your power, which is conditional based, you go inside and focus on filling yourself up with love and joy. You bring that into the obstacles. You no longer allow the conditions to damper your confidence. When contrast occurs, you no longer look at it as making a mistake or it being a bad thing, judging it. Instead, you see it from a neutral place and shift your attention on compassion, self-love and joy. You surrender any hold or attachment around the contrast, so you don't become frustrated or want to give up. You fill yourself up with joy and love and bring that into the contrast. This way the contrast loses its power over you and you become even more empowered in the contrast. You are a spiritual being having a higher vibration experience in human form. You get to enjoy life more fully at a higher vibration. You remember to enjoy life vs. care-take which would burn you out. Tips to live in a deeper divine connection with Universal Love Do things that make you feel happy which brings your energy to a higher vibration place. You fill yourself up with love in meditation by connecting to divine love. This empowers you so that when you are in the world you stay connected fully in this oneness connection to love. You bring your light into the contrast so it loses its power and doesn't run your life You take breaks if you feel you start to give your power to a condition. You fill yourself up again with inner love and joy. You bring that into the condition at a higher vibration vs. getting frustrated at a lower vibration when the situation is not at your liking You bring your light into the Condition rather than the condition into your light depleting you (C 2018), all rights reserved by Angel R.

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Great reading! Happy that Angel used astrology into my forecast. Her psychic abilities were in tune and right on the mark. Very caring and wise soul she is. Will call back.

26 February 2018 09:41 PM Poloray