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 Psychic Nicole

Certified & Licensed Psychic Specialist, Relationship Advisor

Hello, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you here on SOTELLIT. My name is Nicole, I am a psychic specialist and a love relationship advisor, With my psychic predictions I have the psychic ability to retrieve information your needing such as objects, names, time frames, places. I am a unique psychic with a 99.8 % accuracy. As an intuitive energy reader, I am able to sense events or circumstances that have happened or are happening in your present life. Sometimes the information comes in the form of an image, sensation, or messages. I am able to connect to this information as a neutral observer through your energetic body. The information I receive intuitively is helpful in giving you a new perspective that will further assist you with your concerns. No need for you to stress , worry , or be concerned about your problems, That's what I'm here for is to enlighten you about your situation. All my readings our upfront and straight to the point. I will not hold anything back even if the truth hurts I will expose all information your needing to know! Don't be scared of finding out the truth, you deserve to know! Call me let's talk.

My Qualifications

Certified Advanced Psychic Medium
Certified Spiritual Advisor
Certified & Licensed Life Coach
Certified Professional and Divine Programs
Certified Relationship Counseling
Metaphysical Practitioner
Masters Degree Reiki Healer

Any question you have will be answered honesty, detailed, accurately and professional!

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Love & Light

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Manifesting your desires is 100 percent possible but, to do so, you must use ALL the steps. Clarity is king when it comes to manifesting your desires. You must have clear intentions for what you want to call in — otherwise you can manifest a lot of what you don’t want. Focus on what you desire and then make a list of all that goes along with it. If you’re getting clear about the job you want, make a list of all the things about the job that make you happy: the office, the people, the salary, etc. Be unapologetic about what you want. This list helps you clarify your intentions and access a vibrant mental picture of what you desire. 1.Get clear on what you want. 2.Ask the universe for it. 3.Take action (help the universe make it happen). 4.Trust the process. 5.Acknowledge what is being sent to you along the way. 6.Increase your vibration. 7.Clear all resistance.

Advisor Psychic Nicole's Recent Feedback

Savannah 's avatar.

Great to talked with you! Thank you!

10 September 2018 04:08 AM Savannah
Sherie winters 's avatar.

Thank you Nicole so much I really needed you help especially after just loseing my mom on the 29 th of Aug I'm so lost without her an you help me understand things an you were so wonderful an Loving an caring about the pain I'm.in an you went an help me with this an you are so wonderful an I'm so glad I called you you are the best an I really appreciate everything you are doing to help me with my loss an helping be connected to my mom thank you so much much love and light

10 September 2018 02:15 AM Sherie winters
Laura 's avatar.

always on point

08 September 2018 02:17 AM Laura
Frances Kelly 's avatar.

04 September 2018 03:15 AM Frances Kelly
Marilyn b mcdowell 's avatar.

was alittle off today

27 August 2018 04:39 PM Marilyn b mcdowell