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 Tara White

Metaphysical love and relationship specialist

I am a love and relationship specialist I have 17 years of experience I am here to help you guide you and lead you into the right direction if you are physically emotionally romantically drained questioning whether your lover is being true to or not looking for answers for questions I am the right advisor you have came to the right place.

Metaphysical love psychic reader and adviser

metaphysical love reader and adviser
Houston tx Psychic
best tree of life psychic
cosmic healing readings
Welcome To Psychic!
Hello, and thank you for choosing love psychic". My name is Tara I have been a professional master psychic, & spiritualist for over 17 years. Through my gift of clairvoyance not only am I able to pick up on you and your situation, I am also able to pick up on the energy of those around you. During a reading with me I guarantee you will not be disappointed. All your questions and concerns will be answered and clarified. Through every stage of life we go through crossroads.
Wondering which direction will bring the most satisfaction. Wondering where the next opportunity in work will be coming from? Is He/She the right one? Will I ever find the right one? What is my lover thinking? Will my family every change? Will things get better? Will I be happy? All these questions have answers that are waiting for you!
I am here to bring the right balance of "Ying & Yang" back in to your life. I strongly believe in the power of "Positive Energy" & "Negative Energy". In this life we are surrounded by the good and the bad. Sometimes our intuition can get clouded and we become confused and unfocused by all the negative energy we tend to consume. Now is the time we are meant to make the big decisions in our life. We don't have time to make the wrong one!
With divination tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, healing crystals, and angelic connections through voice vibrations. Allow me to help you be the best you that you can be. There is a reason you are here reading this. Trust your intuition!
I offer some of the best palm, tarot, angel, chakra, reiki, and spiritual readings in the Houston tx area!
Tarot & Angel Card Reading
I will use tarot or angel cards to help pick up on your past, present & future.
Best tarot card readings!
I have studied palmistry for 17 years. A palm reading will pick up on your personality traits and present.
Chakra Balancing & Tuning
Best spiritual chakra readings! Balancing your chakras help to keep your energy aligned.
Chakra & Reiki Healing
Accurate Chakra Readings
Best Tarot Card Readings
Parties & Events
Phone/FaceTime Readings
In person readings
In Tara’s amazing accurate readings I will tell you the truth I will not sugarcoat expect honest accurate information
Past present and future love relationship family health career finances & reunite lovers

All of my readings are private and confidential guaranteed’s customer satisfaction
Services offered by tara Palm readings
Tarot card reading’s
Psychic energy readings
Chakra in liniment
Energy healing metaphysical therapy
Soulmate & relationship readings
And much more for prices in sessions available please contact me
Also available for private parties and special events
All of my readings are guaranteed customer satisfaction not money back guaranteed

My mission is Helping the brokenhearted restoring happiness helping customers
Don’t let another day pass you bye you don’t have to deal with this alone contact me today also available cleansings and much more
Since 1982

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Advisor Tara White's Recent Feedback

Vette 's avatar.

Awesome call . Thanks Tara for keeping me focus

19 November 2018 06:36 PM Vette
Vette 's avatar.

Tara keeps you focus on the End Result! Thanks for giving me clarity and hope.

05 November 2018 01:01 AM Vette
Vette 's avatar.

Advisor was very quick in answering my questions! Very confident and assuring. Thank you Tara : )

25 October 2018 01:55 PM Vette
Vette 's avatar.

Awesome call. Thanks Tara for putting me back on the right path. Your insight is truly a Blessing.

15 October 2018 05:15 PM Vette
Vette 's avatar.

Tara was very nice and sweet. She wa able to tune in on my situation very quickly. She is truly gifted and will no waste your time..

25 September 2018 06:06 PM Vette