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 Psychic Kelly

I Can Help & Advise In All Areas Of Life!

Hi there! I'm Kelly, thank you so much for clicking on my profile here on Sotellit.com
I am a 3rd generation psychic & Clairvoyant, That means my gifts were passed on to me from my great-grandmother
I am a new advisor here but I am not new to the psychic/spiritual realm, I have helped many ever since realizing
that I have had a spiritual gift
I have been giving psychic advice and guidance & I have been reading professionally for 10 years both online
and in-person. my gift is something i was born with and is not learned from books
or the internet.

I specialize in love, relationships I also help and advise in all matters of life such as health, family,
friends, spiritual-well being, stress and anxiety, advice on bringing lovers back together, but that isn't
where my spirit guides stop I also offer services such as meditation healing & spiritual guidance.
I have helped many people out of the darkness and helped many with difficult decision making,
I've helped people come to terms with their situation bringing in light, clarity and a better all around

Whether you're looking for true answers on what the future holds or you're just a bit curious and looking
for a general reading I can give you insights,
Seek the healing and open the door to your healing and future of peace of mind and happiness,
I am here to help guide you to your path of happiness and peace of mind.
I use no tools I connect with your spirit and your energy

I believe my clients should know the truth and nothing but the truth! you deserve to have peace of
mind and that is what I want to give you today!

I am non-judgmental, a very direct, compassionate and honest reader I will tell you about all of your
situations past present and future and help you to find guidance peace and harmony for your personal situations
with my ability. the advice I will give you will make
comforted and you will have a much better understand of your surroundings
I love making my clients feel comfortable during my readings I think that is very important
to be connected to my clients,
I will never leave any of my clients feeling lost or confused,
My readings are extremely detailed and I will not waste your time & I never sugar coat my readings!
I'll make sure that you understand and enjoy your reading!

Call me today so I can give you the guidance & answer's you need! * Love, Light & Blessings*

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(For Your Body) Lots of water, up to 2 liters a day Try charging your water by placing one small crystal that Associates with each chakra, and letting in direct sunlight For up to 2 hours. No toxic food and processed food Eat plenty of chicken (not Fried) fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, Legumes, Take a daily supplement Get your body moving Light cardio or yoga is really good for your body (For Your Environment) Keep Your Surroundings Neat And Organized Add Greenery Light incense Light sage to cleanse your environment Burn white candles Listen to positive Music/Tv/Podcast/AudioBooks (For Your Well Being) Speak Positive about your self and others Seek positive energy even threw a dark situation Love your self and others Get rid of toxic friends/Relationships keep a dream journal

Advisor Psychic Kelly's Recent Feedback

Toni 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

17 September 2018 01:24 PM Toni
Vette 's avatar.

Awesome call. Kelly is always very honest and she always encourages me. Thanks a million!!!

15 September 2018 09:15 PM Vette
Savannah 's avatar.

Always worth calling her! Thank you for putting my mind at ease every time we speak.

14 September 2018 04:04 PM Savannah
Vette 's avatar.

Much gratitude to Psychic Kelly. She always goes beyond and above for her clients..She is truly gifted. 100 stars!

11 September 2018 05:10 PM Vette
Savannah 's avatar.

Thank you for your time and your honesty. You were quick and so accurate in my situation! You are amazing and I will keep you posted! Thank you so much for being there and I’m sorry I called you so late.

08 September 2018 10:38 AM Savannah