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 Aurora Light

Predictions to count on, answers to rely on! NEW RATE!!!

Hello! My name is Aurora Light and I have been a psychic coach, Tarot Reader, and spiritual counselor for 15+ years. My favorite topics to guide people through are love, soul mates, twin flames, career, money, and helping one find and manifest their true will and calling. I started Reading Tarot Cards when I was 19 years old and found myself, captivated, and deeply connected to the Cards. I would say that I am deeply clairsentient, empathic, and clairaudient! I can feel the lines of transmission within the Universe and can sense how life will ultimately proceed.

I realized I could "read" the symbolism of the Cards like one might read Egyptian hieroglyphs, and that I was fluent in this mysterious language of symbol! It was at this time that I began feeling and hearing with the inner voice of my heart. Notice how the word "hear" and "heart" are so similar! The Tarot Cards can reveal so much to you about love, soul connections, your career's sacred path, and guide you with the assistance of your Holy Guardian Angel. Let's connect with your Angels!

My specialties are: Tarot Reading, clairsentience, clairaudience, and Angel therapies! Call me Now and let's see what the Universe will reveal to you! Light and Love, Aurora Light

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Maria meza 's avatar.

Shes amazing love her. Thank u mama

17 April 2018 01:54 AM Maria meza
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Thank u so much . Great call. Will call back

18 March 2018 11:51 PM Maria meza
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she was awesome. I so loved this call. I would call back

18 March 2018 11:01 PM Kim
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Awesome call! Thank you!

18 March 2018 11:00 PM Kim
P1sces 's avatar.

Thank you for your support and explanation of every card.

13 March 2018 06:24 AM P1sces