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 Advisor Christina

Call today for your reading love career Life I specialize in it

My background in spiritual work starts with Western Astrology, and I offer Life Readings, Compatibility Readings and focus on how a couple will navigate the twists and turns of life together. I am a Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Energy Worker and have been reading cards for 25 years and am proficient in Rider Waite, World, Lovers Tarot and the Celtic Decks if you prefer a more esoteric type of reading. Astrology was created by the Divine as an organizational tool to move spirit around in a systematic fashion. All life has a rhythm, a time and a meaning on this plane. There is nothing dark, evil, or ungodly about Tarot and Astrology, all of the tales about divination come from information being passed down in fear and ignorance thourgh the written and spoken word. The only scary thing in life is the people and energies that come into our lives when we are not in our center. If You need help in understanding what they come for and what they want, then you are armed and can open to the good to enter your life and the energy meant for you. We do come into this life with unresolved karma and that is what we are here to work on this time around. I offer Karmic Traps and Relationship Readings which will let you know your Karmic debt to be paid and the people in your life and wheather they help you absolve this Karma or contribute to it in a relationship. I will give you your Karmic Debt Numbers and behaviors to avoid and embrace. You will see clearly how you have or are holding yourself back in life love. Your mind is your most precious gift and your mind works for you if you learn to utilize and use it for your purpose, it is there for you and works for you. Your thoughts manifest your reality so watch your thoughts and self-talk carefully and you can create your life how you want it, you can attract the people who care for you and are in keeping with your highest good, not out to take away from you, by changing your thoughts and through incantation you can do this.

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