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 5* Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette

Recognized As a top 5 psychic medium in my area

As a seasoned veteran psychic medium with 46 yrs. exp., Pamela's, top goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in Love, Career, finances, yourself & the world around you.

As a top 5 psychic medium, Pamela, helps you find peace over the death of family & loves, by connecting you to them With her psychic medium abilities, allowing their messages to come through..

Psychic medium, Pamela, also guides you with her psychic medium abilities through the turmoils of everyday life. Psychic Medium attributes are good for communicating with your spirit guides, guardians, & our lords angels, including but not limited too, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. To help you find answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Helping you see your best course of action in all life situations. She gives no hold bared psychic medium , readings with a high accuracy rate at the time at the time your question is asked. once you know the future you can change the future. Which is a good thing because if there is a outcome you do not like, you can then turn around and ask what you can do if anything to participate in changing it to a better outcome.

Pamela, is Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, & German, & was born as a indigo child, & had 2 near death experiences between 18 months & 2 years of age. In tune with her psychic abilities since she was a toddler , studying since she was 6 yrs old with her mother's training. She has worked along side of Richard Smith, for the last 8 years ( The top E.V.P. expert in the United States ) on paranormal investigations. she reads regular playing cards, candle wax, candle flame, rice, peoples auras, personal objects, & photos. She has empathic, clairvoyant & medium capabilities, Which means she's clairvoyant, clairaudient, & clairescient . All levels of angels have also been known to communicate with her. Through out the years she has developed a method of reading peoples energy.

On October 2012, She blew every ones minds in her interview with 610 am Sports Talk Radio. As a result of that interview in October 2013 Sports Talk radio named her as one of the top 5 psychics in the Texas area, as her predictions came thru.. December 29th 2013 Pamela, was requested to be the psychic by her local news to give psychic predictions for 2014 for their new years broadcast.

As of June 2016, Pamela, became the creator & host of the her own talk show. Which is delving into the deepest recesses of the paranormal world between Earth and Heaven.

Come Now on a journey into the psychic realm like you have never experienced before! she tells it like it is no ifs and's or buts about it, No holds bared, No B.S.. With details and extreme accuracy. she does'nt tell you what you want to hear but what is really there..

Additional Information: Pamela, makes no claim of being 100% accurate; For only God is 100% all knowing. She is here to guide you on the current path of the situation at the time your questions are asked. Free will can play a part of things changing . Psychics are here to guide you not always to foretell your future .You always have choices & have the free will to make choices, which can totally affect anything she may see today. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide.

Pamela's, goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in yourself & the world around you. To help you find peace over the death of family & loves, by connecting you to them allowing their messages to come through to you.

Psychic Medium Readings Services offered Include

Angel Communication / Aura Readings/ Dream Interpretation / Energy readings / Psychometry / Clairvoyance / Clairessence Spiritual Counseling / One on One Individual Psychic Training / Grief Counseling / Empathy / Mediumship / Psychic Readings about Love, Career, Family, Health & more / Paranormal Investigations / Emotional and Mental Healing Program & Counseling / Spiritual Relationship Counseling / Numerology / Spiritual Cleansing

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Psychic Question: Can psychics really reunite you with a lost love? Psychic Facts Answer Part 1: Depending upon the psychic's claim, yes and no. Psychics can look into the current path you are both on to see if reconciliation is possible. Once they see a possible outcome, then they can tell you your best course of action, and spiritual guidance to help you participate in the reconciliation. Psychic Facts Answer Part 2: Psychics who claim they can guarantee your lover's return are what is known as a fraudulent psychic. They may have psychic abilities but there is no such thing as a guaranteed reconciliation. Psychic Question: Can psychics speak to the dead? Psychic Facts Answer: Yes, a psychic who has medium capabilities can speak to the deceased. A responsible medium will never call upon a departed soul as they are at rest. When a spirit has something to say they will come on their own. Psychics with medium capabilities use the senses of sight, touch, emotion, hearing & smell to connect with those who have past away. Psychic Question: How do you tell a real psychic from an imitation psychic? Psychic Facts Answer: A real psychic will never ask for you to say more than your question and your name, birth date, names of people or places you are asking about. They will not want any other information from you. Should someone try to pump you for more information than mentioned above then you know that they are not a legitimate psychic. Psychic Question: In what ways will an imitation psychic try to defraud a client? Psychic Facts Answer: A phony psychic will try to defraud you in many ways. Usually it happens that the psychic pretends to see something which can be "fixed" with a psychic cure that is very expensive. A few examples are: A psychic fraud will tell you that you have a curse on you, even though there is no such thing as a curse. Frauds will tell you that your aura or chakras are blocked, and that they can do some energy work to unblock them for you. One might also tell you make your life better simply by purchasing and burning a candle for an outrageous amount of money. Any psychic who claims to be 100 percent accurate is a definite fraud. Psychic Question: Can a psychic or a witch cast a working spell for me? Psychic Facts Answer: No, they can not and here is why. When someone casts a spell it is their own desires and intentions that manifest the spell. When someone else casts the spell for you, your chance of it manifesting is only 50-50. The same percentage of chance as if you never had it cast in the first place. You also want to make sure that your spell is written in a karmically correct way. Spells can backfire when they manipulate free will, so always use caution Psychic Question: If psychics are real why can't they foresee their own future? Psychic Facts Answer: Think of it this way, just as a psychologist or a doctor can not be their own patient. They are too close to the situation to see what's really there. A psychic may see what they want to see rather then what the reading is really saying. Destiny occasionally plays a part as well. When you know the future you have a chance to change it, some things aren't meant to be changed - so it won't be made known. We are here on this planet to learn life lessons. Predestined life lessons cannot be interfered with. This article is the intellectual property of Pamela Rivette whom doesn't give permission for others to use without her consent

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Great advice. Thank u so much.

22 February 2018 03:43 PM Maria meza
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Thank you

20 February 2018 05:03 PM Piscesqueen
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Great reading very accurate

18 February 2018 08:11 AM Bianca
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She was so spot on. She is the real deal. I’m shocked she Knew so much.

11 February 2018 05:57 PM Molly
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This was my first time calling and she was amazing and actually right on!! I asked one question and she knew the exact reason for the delays!!! I got chills!! Just awesome!! Thank you so much!!

04 February 2018 05:07 PM Dmmac