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 Cherokee Billie

Bring Clarity and Healing to Your Life!

I am a world renowned Clairvoyant Psychic who works with serious individuals interested in their search and quest for Guidance. I am gifted with Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Astral projection, Telepathy, Spiritual Healing, Dream Interpretation, and Guided Meditation, Career and Financial Advice. Online Psychic Ten Years Experience.

My gifts have been with me since birth and made themselves known at an early age. I started seeing Auras around people when I was fifteen years old. I had no idea what Auras were, but I could see colors around people. Through metaphysics I would learn what it was I had been seeing all that time. I began my spiritual quest in the late 1970s and studied in a metaphysical school.

I gave my first official psychic reading in 1983 and have been using my gifts since then. NO TOOLS USED! .All Answers Come Direct From Spirit.
Credentials:Certification in Psychic Powers, Certified Hypnotherapist, Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services, Ordained Minister, Holistic Practitioner, Published Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Private Clairvoyant Readings 35 years experience, Online Psychic Ten Years Experience.

My father was full blooded Cherokee Indian and was not raised on a reservation. He followed his own path and many people followed him. He had enormous insight into people and was able to see the future. He was a gifted clairvoyant. Although he never practiced professionally I learned from watching how he analyzed people.

My mother was full blooded Irish and had great perception of people. She was able to read people naturally, she never practiced as a psychic, but she could tell you anything about someone.

From this heritage I gained my natural gifts as a Clairvoyant/Psychic.

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In today’s world it is important to protect your mind, body and spirit from the taxing effects of the energies and elements. Society pays a remarkable amount of attention to your physical appearance, but your energy body needs to be refreshed and re-energized too. Your vitality and well-being depend on it! Here are just a few simple ways to eliminate negative energies and stay psychically healthy. 1. Use Essential Oils and Healing Plants - The practice of using plants to heal is as old as medicine itself. Plant energies are compassionate, and some of this energy is good for our bodies and spirits. Native Americans used the sacred smoke from sage plants to cleanse their auric fields of unwanted energies. The fragrance and oils of plants such as lavender, pine, and eucalyptus can also help lift your mood and drive away unpleasant feelings. 2. Crystals and Stones - Crystals are effective in cleansing, strengthening and repairing the aura. Black tourmaline can draw off and transmute negative energies, and other popular stones for this purpose are onyx, hematite, double-terminated quartz and aragonite. Many primitive people carries amulets for a protective effect. 3. Use Divine White Light - Surround yourself in The Divine White Light each morning before you start your hectic day. Visualize a Brilliant beautiful beam of White Light shining down into the top of your head and moving throughout your body, until you see the White Light shooting out of your fingers and toes. Once the White Light is in your body picture all of the negative energies leaving your body and being dissolved in the White Light. Then visualize this White Light surrounding your entire body and forming a shield of protection around you. Repeat this action before you go to bed. Spiritual attacks often occur when we are sleeping because we are most vulnerable. 4. Spiritual Connections - During meditation you feel closer to your body with each breath. Both concentrated prayer and meditation - if practiced mindfully and in balance - can help your aura stay clean and clear. 5. Yogic Practice - Focused breathing, balancing and twisting in yoga postures can help you cleanse your auric field and gain more energy yourself. Thanks to technology, there are numerous ways for you to access yoga classes even if they are not held locally. Direct TV in your area may offer yoga channels, and there are also numerous mobile apps that provide daily yoga inspiration and guidance. 6. Rejuvenating Water - An easy fix for an unhealthy, over-extended aura is to soak in a relaxing bath. Water sustains us and rebalances our energies. We spend the first nine months of our lives submerged in water, and returning to water allows our bodies to rest and recharge. Try giving yourself a sea salt scrub before a bath or shower, it also refreshes the aura and draws out toxins. 7. Cleanse Your Social Circle - No one wants to be around people that are constantly negative. That pessimistic, depressive energy is contagious. Friends who drink, smoke, and encourage you to participate are negative influences (this you may know already) that will weaken your aura. They can also be called “spiritual vampires.” 8. Clothing and Color - A healthy aura takes into account the colors you surround yourself with. Auras react to color much as light does - dark attracts energies, while lighter shades reflect them and insulate your own. If you interact with a large group of people on a daily basis, choose lighter shades that will repel negative forces, rather than draw them in. 9. Sound Medicine - The sounds from Tibetan chanting and singing bowls are known to dissolve negativity and promote clean energies. Alternately, chanting “Om” is an efficient way to center yourself and shift stagnant energies away from both your aura and physical being. The aura itself has little power - it derives from your internal conditions, reflecting your current psychological, emotional and spiritual state. A weak, clouded aura indicates an unhealthy mind/body connection and negative thoughts. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful, glowing aura and you will find unexpected strength even in difficult times. If you are having difficulties and need help learning to protect your spiritual self contact me today! Learn how to protect your spiritual energy with Cherokee Billie, This article was written by Cherokee Billie and is her personal property. You must get written permission to republish this article.

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Billie is an excellent advisor! Very honest, very on point!! Thank you so much!!

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it was a great call... thank you so much

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