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 Dr. Lucas Delvecchio

Love and Relationship Expert , LIMITED TIME affordable & fast answers!!

I can help in all aspects of life and all matters of the heart.

You tried the rest , now try and experience the best

Unsurpassed accuracy and detail. Honest and fast

Worked with & read for many celebrities such as Nicholas Brandon / Aaron Carter / Alicia Keys / Jana Lee Hamblin and so much more.

I'm a natural born spiritualist. I was born and gifted with these abilities and not taught. I'm a master Clairvoyant/Medium/Alchemy and Psychologist.

I have over 25+ yrs experience. I'm very accurate and very detailed. I will give you the answers you seek rather it's good or bad. I don't and will not sugar coat my readings, which means I will not paint my clients a happy ending nor a fantasy, I will always tell you all that I can see , both positive and negative.

When you select a reading with me expect detail and exact time frames.

Some might ask “ When will my twinflame/ soulmate find me?”

The answer to that is they can’t find you if your hiding!

However I can show you how to properly attract your many twin flames and soulmates who await you.

Worried about financial situations / health / career / is he or she gonna respond back or what is their feelings toward you?

Well you got questions and I have all the answers. Stop going in endless circles and being given false hope.

Try a life changing reading with me and be amazed at how much you learn and can achieve by following my direction in life.

. I graduated with high honors from The Berkeley Psychic Institute and now mentor students such as myself with the naturally gifted abilities. I also took courses in The Delphi University of Spiritual Studies.

I have trained worldwide with some of the world's most famous psychic readers, such as Lorraine Warren, wife of demonologist Ed Warren. I have really fine-tuned my spiritual abilities. I'm very compassionate and I continue to strive to help my clients seek the truth and clarity on which they cannot find. Let me help you where others failed.

I use my own clairvoyant/medium and spirit guides, tarot cards, coffee readings and crystal pendulum readings as well.

I help with all aspects of life and all matters of the heart, Love/Relationship/Career/Finance/Health/Healings/Picture Readings and so much more!

Contact me today and let's get started on helping you to have a better today and a better tomorrow..Let me help ypu where all others have failed. I have the answers you seek!

What do you have to lose , except to gain!

Please be sure to include your full DOB and your first name when getting a reading with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Advisor Dr. Lucas Delvecchio's Recent Feedback

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Thank you!!

04 September 2018 01:01 AM Linh
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Super great reading very accurate I hope what he says comes to pass

01 September 2018 01:50 AM Tiffany
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So quick to connect, very detail oriented and very compassionate. I appreciate your help and guidance so much thank you again.

15 August 2018 06:08 AM Kay
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Awesome call! Thank you!

09 August 2018 09:54 AM Marz
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21 June 2018 02:37 AM Jaunita1