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 Psychic Ann Lucas

Are You Ready For A Reading That Will Change Your Life?

"For over 25 years I have worked with diplomats, law enforcement, celebrities and many others throughout the world. I am a real psychic with incomparable accuracy. I will tell you when they are coming back, moving in, who by name and description they are cheating with and what do they really feel for you. I believe we can have anything we want in this world and with proper spiritual belief I can show you the obstacles that stand in your path and show you exactly how to work around them to get what you want. I do not ask you questions. I don't use any tools for my readings nor do I need your date of birth. With just simply your name and question I can tap in and get the answers you have searched for and read your life as if it were an open book." -Ann Lucas

Hello and welcome to Sotellit.Com

My name is Ann Lucas, I am a clairvoyant - clairsentence - clairaudient - empathic - medium - remote viewer and distant healer.

At the young age of 7, I started to sense things I did not understand which did frightened me. but after years of experiencing these gifts, It was time to let them take over since I could not control them myself. I have never looked back nor do I regret my choice. For with these gifts I have helped many and now I am here to help you.

I will tell you and show you what is holding you back from achieving what you desire and help you better understand your purpose and also explain the reasons why it is not taking place the way it should. There is nothing that can not be achieved, but without understanding your situation first hand and how it should be handled since it belongs to ones self. without understanding there is only confusion..

So if you are ready for a reading that will not only bring clarity but change your life for the better then let us begin.

Looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

Blessings and love and light to you all.

Ann Lucas

Ann Lucas is a renowned psychic and spiritual medium who gives accurate psychic readings through her many gifts. Ann Lucas uses of her psychic abilities and her spiritual intuition can and will offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in the positive direction and face any challenges that may lie ahead of them in a positive way. Ann does not use any tools within her readings, she will be able to tap in as if you were and open book.  When you contact Ann you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance.”


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Advisor Psychic Ann Lucas's Recent Feedback

Maria meza 's avatar.

She is wonderful love her. Thank u so much

17 February 2018 08:24 PM Maria meza
Kim 's avatar.

amazing call. very good and or great call! will be calling back

04 February 2018 11:39 PM Kim
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03 February 2018 03:58 AM Maria meza
Maria meza 's avatar.

Wow great . Amazing. Will call soon

03 February 2018 03:57 AM Maria meza
Faith 's avatar.

What a nice start to a call. I will call back as soon as I get a chance but the info you gave me was right on target so I can't wait to finish the reading!!

02 February 2018 04:49 AM Faith