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 Psychic Asteria


Generational intuitive and clairvoyant who is able to help you with love, career, life path, and destiny. Any relationship or career path questions I can assist.

tools: oracle cards, tarot cards, crystals, numerology and astrology. I have Native American background and come from a family of psychic gifts. As a child I was able to sense what would happen next.

Messages might come through in dreams that need to be communicated. Being an intuitive I can also assist with any chakra balancing. Let me help you lead a more positive life.

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Healing, intuition, and creativity. A wonderful gift or an enchanting find. Labradorite is excellent for communication or even work. Rose quartz is great for connecting to the heart chakra of love. This can also be used for feng shui for partnership. Clear quartz can be used for any healing. Put it in a glass of water as well. I came across a moonstone on the ground a few months back. It made me a little nauseous at first. Perhaps some centering needed to be done. Agate is a grounding stone. I have this in a ring and it definitely brings balance and strength. One of my favorites. Selenite can be used to amplify other crystals. The wands are nice to have and for any meditation. Citrine is the prosperity and abundance crystal. This will help increase wealth. Amethyst the purple crystal can be used for the intuition and the crown chakra. I've been on the lookout for moldavite for dreams.