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Mercury Retrograde

Posted By  Sotellit

Mercury is doing what now? It’s in Retrograde?What does that even mean?Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything. Let’s start by defining what it means when a planet is said to be ‘in retrograde’; other planets can be as well. Mercury retrograde is just heard about more often than the others. There […] Read More

Astrology: Venus Signs Cont.

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Libra The just Libra, when under the influence of the planet Venus makes for a kind a diplomatic partner. They tend to keep their relationships very polished; always willing to compromise in order to make the relationship work. This is often more important that the emotions. Which can sometimes seem […] Read More

Astrology: Venus Signs

Posted By  Sotellit

In our Planets in Astrology article, there are descriptions for each of the planets. As well as what they represent within the Natal Chart individually. In this article, our main focus is on the planet Venus; who’s name comes from the Goddess of love and beauty herself. Staying true to […] Read More

The Planets in Astrology

Posted By  Sotellit

In Astrology, the planets in our solar system are all constantly moving in and out of the zodiac constellations. They also move through the various houses during orbit. In the previous article we simply identified each of the planets. Here we will go through a full break down of the […] Read More


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The beginning For centuries humans have looked to the stars for guidance. The study of the universe and all of the celestial bodies contained within it is known as Astronomy. This study has existed throughout history. The positions, motions and properties of these celestial objects have been studied by Astronomers […] Read More