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Clairvoyant psychic spiritual reader

I was a born with a gift I am a psychic healer therapist over the years I helped people in all matters Business love happiness if you feel lost and confused and feel like there no internal I will find the answers within you I do palmistry tarot cards horoscope Indian healing chakra Crystal energy you will be amazed what a few minutes can do for you for more info contact me here...

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RATE : $1.00/Min

I Can Help & Advise In All Areas Of Life!

Hi there! I'm Kelly, thank you so much for clicking on my profile here on Sotellit.com I am a 3rd generation psychic & Clairvoyant, That means my gifts were passed on to me from my great-grandmother I am a new advisor here but I am not new to the psychic/spiritual realm, I have helped many ever since realizing that I have had a spiritual gift I have been giving psychic advice and guidance & I have been reading professionally for 10 years both online and in-person. my gift is something i was born with and is not learned from books or the internet. I specialize in love, relationships I also help and advise in all matters of life such as health, family, friends, spiritual-well being, stress and anxiety, advice on bringing lovers b...

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RATE : $3.00/Min

Certified & Licensed Psychic, Relationship Counseling, 99.8% Accuracy

Hello, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you here on SOTELLIT. My name is Nicole, I am a psychic specialist and a love relationship advisor, With my psychic predictions I have the psychic ability to retrieve information your needing such as objects, names, time frames, places, even about your passed loved ones. I am a unique psychic with a 99.8 % accuracy. As an intuitive energy reader, I am able to sense events or circumstances that have happened or are happening in your present life. Sometimes the information comes in the form of an image, sensation, or messages. I am able to connect to this information as a neutral observer through your energetic body. The information I receive intuitively is helpful in giving you a new p...

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RATE : $2.25/Min

Psychic Faith specializes in all matters of love and relationships

I am a 3 rd generation natural born psychic and I have mastered my abilities to give accurate answers to all of life’s important questions. I will not Sugarcoat your reading . Nor will I tell you what I think you want to hear . I will tell you the truth you seek. I specialize in all matters of love and relationships but not limited to . So if life has you in doubt and your wonder which direction your life is going in career love family financial heath and marriage one reading will set you on the right path to happiness....

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RATE : $1.99/Min

Love and relationship specialist

I am a true honest accurate psychic I have over 45 years of experience I have a very unique strong gift I am clairvoyant I am here to help you physically emotionally financially and romantically if you are suffering with love depression romance I can help you you don’t have to deal with this on your own my mission is the customer you will be surprised on the information that I will give you just answer a few questions and I will pick up on your energy I know when you’re telling me the truth and when you’re beating around the bush you need to give me the correct date and information and I will pick up right away there’s anything wrong it will be a confused reading sometimes But you will be 100% satisfied guaranteed call Psychic Lucy...

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RATE : $3.99/Min

Predictions to count on, answers to rely on! NEW RATE!!!

Hello! My name is Aurora Light and I have been a psychic coach, Tarot Reader, and spiritual counselor for 15+ years. My favorite topics to guide people through are love, soul mates, twin flames, career, money, and helping one find and manifest their true will and calling. I started Reading Tarot Cards when I was 19 years old and found myself, captivated, and deeply connected to the Cards. I would say that I am deeply clairsentient, empathic, and clairaudient! I can feel the lines of transmission within the Universe and can sense how life will ultimately proceed. I realized I could "read" the symbolism of the Cards like one might read Egyptian hieroglyphs, and that I was fluent in this mysterious language of symbol! It was at this t...

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RATE : $1.99/Min


I am a third generation psychic/empath/clairsentient with a strong intuitive sense that can accurately feel what someone is feeling about you, and can give very accurate predictions on how things will plan out regarding relationships, finance, and all other aspects of life. I have been reading for 17 years and have a 95% accuracy rating and I can ease your mind/heart with my insight and psychic ability. I can use tarot as well as my own empathic/intuitive sense to give you the most accurate reading possible. Cutting cord attachments is also my specialty - every important relationship in our lives creates a "cord" between you and the person - if the person has a lot of negativity attached to them, it can affect you in adverse ways. C...

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RATE : $2.25/Min

welcome my name is Michael your personal psychic relationship advisor

Are you searching for answers? Is he or she is the one? Looking for career advice? My gift is to help guide people and give answers and directions leading them on the right path to success in all matters of life. I’ll find true information on your loved ones. If your separated or confused doubtful About any of these matters Contact me now. Just using your first name I can give you in-depth answers to all your personal and professional concerns. So, Contact me now....

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RATE : $2.50/Min

Certified/Licensed Gifted.Want 2Know what's on HIS/HER mind?Career/Changes

100 % Honest straight forward Answers ! Hello and welcome , I am Spiritual Wisdom I Have over 45 yrs experience with my blessed born gift and Connections with my Spiritual guides Rushah and Westlawoe. I can connect with one and deeply be able to See Feel Sense and hear what they need to be aware of what they need to know and what can be done. I am here to tell all that is given to me. No sugar coating no fairy tails and no faults hope of any kind,I tell it with heart and soul and very honest no matter how harsh the news or messages may be. The truth is what sets all free. If you want to know or need answers clarity on all matters in life call me, I help all. Love-Relationship_Marriage-Career-Business-Friends Family Foe's Travel New moves,...

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RATE : $3.99/Min

Let me amaze you as I have amazed COUNTLESS!

Gifts I possess: Clairvoyant ~~ The gift of seeing Clairaudient ~~ The gift of hearing Tarot Master ~~ 35 years of study Telepathic ~~ Hear the thoughts of others Empathic ~~ The gift of feeling Shaman ~~ Healing and teaching Animal Communicator ~~ domestic and wild Ability to read one's thoughts and feelings at a soul level Ability to predict most outcomes Ability to predict most timeframes Ability to explain what actions can be taken for a desired outcomes...

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RATE : $5.99/Min

Love & relationship expert! Find answers today.

Hello! My name is Samantha O’Hara, first off i would like to thank you for taking the time to check out my profile, highly appreciated! i am a 3rd generation psychic, empath, life coach, energy healer, & clairvoyant. I’ve been in the psychic realm strongly for 5+ years and counting. I am born with the gift to see and feel Aura and Energy of a person. I specialize in all matters of the life! Whether that’s wealth, health, happiness, love, marriage, career, luck, family, friends & much more. No situation is too big or too small for me to take care of. I specialize in Angel Card Readings! My speciality is a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. I have the 99.8% ability to tap into your Guardian angels & be able to ...

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RATE : $1.99/Min

3rd generation clairvoyant psychic medium connects quickly. LGBTQ friendly

A sensational psychic medium, Pandora provides amazingly accurate readings and incredible insight about life's path, questions, and how you can shape your personal destiny. Whether you have questions about a relationship, are looking for closure, or simply need a little guidance, you'll receive answers and find the peace of mind you seek. Pandora is a third generation clairvoyant psychic. Specialties include relationships of all kinds, business, contact loved ones in spirit, pet communication. LGBTQ friendly. Pandora exhibited clairvoyant and telepathic abilities in early childhood and was drawn to the studies of the mystical arts to further sharpen her abilities. These include Tarot, Runestones, Astrology, numerology, automatic writ...

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RATE : $5.00/Min

An intuitive psychic reader and energy healer

Consult With an Intuitive Psychic. As a clairvoyant, I can see the future. I am also a clairaudient and clairsentient who can give names and accurate dates as I hear them and can read your emotional plane or that of whoever you ask me to tune into during the reading. My gift as a psychic reader and energy healer is to sense your emotions. As a highly intuitive individual, I am able to recognize whether you are happy, lonely, or depressed, even if you are showing the exact opposite emotion. I help you connect with your true emotions, as well as the emotions of those important to you. This way, you will discern a positive direction to take in your life....

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RATE : $5.99/Min

WANT ANSWERS CALL NOW Summer lOVE Readings for June and July only


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RATE : $3.99/Min

World Known Generational Hawaiian Healer Certified 98% accuracy

I refer to my work as soul therapy. Helping others manifest positive energy whether it is intuitive guidance about a relationship, career change, move or general life issues. Using soul therapy tools I assist clients with establishing a meditation practice to help them develop balance in their lives and remove blocks that hold them back from manifesting their dreams. I strive to empower people to free themselves from pain, suffering, sadness and self limiting beliefs. My services include psychic intuitive readings, chakra clearing, aura readings and clearings, Angel card readings and much more intense energy work plus other services. World renowned I’ve been seen on television and heard on radio programming. Rated and certif...

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RATE : $5.99/Min

Come and open the doors to true happiness, love and light!

Hello, I'm Michelle and I would like to explain my gift to you before you choose your adviser. Here's what to expect during a session with me. Honesty, accuracy and truth my ability allows me to receive and understand clear messages from the universe. often people ask me Michelle are you sure? please understand and note: what i hear and feel and see that's what will happen! i have been in my field for 17 yr's now but i always tell my client's it isn't about my experience its about my quality in my powerful gift. i have a passion for helping people and over the yr's it has grown stronger which leads me to believe i am an old soul. i specialize in love, family, friends, career, dreams, past, future, present my bio is short only beca...

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RATE : $5.99/Min

You Deserve the BEST insight for ANY Life changing experience.

Susan Norgren is Spirit’s Messenger. She is an Authentic Deep Trance Channel, Medium, Psychic and Author. Trance Channeled information reveals how to prepare for life changing events. Susan’s exceptionally rare ability of Deep Trance Channeling allows light beings, spirits, and spirit guides to communicate illuminating, and accurate information for personal guidance and innovative business solutions. By channeling the consciousness of higher dimensions, you receive loving insights that help identify core issues, resolve problems, and recognize personal blocks for increased awareness. Trance channeled sessions, are by appointment only and are for 30 and 60 minutes. Send me a message here on Soltellit and we will schedule your appoi...

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RATE : $4.99/Min

Allow Me To Help You Manifest The Life You Desire!

Experience excellence, open your mind and heart to transformation. We live in truly magickal times where abundance can and WILL grace our lives, just by opening ourselves to receive. I am Liz Andrews James, a Master Psychic, highly skilled Tarot Artisan, and Certified Law of Abundance Life Coach. I am also one of the early pioneers on the internet psychic scene.which included several psychic guest appearances in online auditorium events. As well as several radio appearances I was born with the gift of sight and worked very diligently to sharpen my psychic and metaphysical skill set. I am a seasoned professional who's gifts include: Clairvoyance, the gift of sight Clairaudience, clear hearing Empathic insights, the ability to ...

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RATE : $5.99/Min

Love And Relationship Specialist And Advisor 98.9 Accuracy

Mrs. O'Hara tells past present and future bankers politicians and athletes celebrities and many men and women who have become successful are among her clientsMrs. O'Hara specializes in love and relationships she will help and guide you through any situation you may be having whether it is a problem with friends and family career in finance relationship or marriage Issues etc... She is able to tell you when and how you will meet your soulmate and who You'r soulmate is If there is someone in your life at the present time She will tell you if that's the right person for you Or help you with any problem you may be having with this person Mrs. O'Hara is very detailed with her readings her psychic ability assures you of an accurate reading...

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RATE : $2.20/Min

Results Matter! 30+ years of experience in Psychic Readings.

I have been doing readings since I was 13 years old. I was sick and died at that time and came back, ever since then I have been able to see and know things. I started by playing with cards and was able to tell my family about things that are going on or about to happen and from there it just continued. Many times If I am near someone I can tell them what is happening in their life. Reading cards bring out many things going on in their lives. I have helped many people with my readings and have a high Thai community that comes to me for many years for readings....

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RATE : $3.75/Min

Master Clairvoyant & Tarot Reader 25+ yrs exp.

My gifts were passed down from my mother and grandmother, and I credit these women with helping me hone my gifts and skills in a practical, down-to-earth, and compassionate manner. My ability to quickly and easily pick up information, while seeing past illusions and falsehoods to the truth, is how I approach a reading. I am warm and friendly and my well-known sense of humor makes me easy to talk with. I see the big picture and clients from around the world and across cultures have called me sensitive, empathic, and down-to-earth, making me a sincere life-coach.My God-inspired psychic readings will help you achieve the happiness and love you want in your life. I truly care about you and look forward to guiding you and answering your que...

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RATE : $4.99/Min

Psychic Angel Messages Life Coach Matters

Hi! My readings are based on all matters of the life I was born with the gift of being a clairvoyant specialist I've mastered the professional training I’ve always been able to tap into peoples energy and see into their future with my several psychic abilities just by name and date of birth Here is just a few of the thousands questions I often answer and have helped with! Is the one I’m with the one I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with? Is my loved one cheating on me? Is divorce the right decision? When will I meet my soulmate? What is my life’s path? Am I making the right career Move? When will finances get better? my skills are proven through many customers who speaks really high of my abilities in finding a solution to ...

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RATE : $3.99/Min

advisor here to help in all matters of relationships

I come from a generation of clairvoyants healers and spiritualist I specialize in love and relationships and my spiritual guides enhance my abilities to look specifically into finance career soulmate connections past life's and much more call today to gain insight for tomorrow with no questions asked other than your name and date of birth my guides and Angels will assist in guiding you to your destiny of happiness....

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RATE : $2.00/Min

Authentic Intuitive Psychic Medium and Energy Healer for over 25yrs

Hello, My name is Shari and I am here to help Spiritually Advise and Guide you in your life. I am a Medium and discovered I was a medium around 1998. If you are looking for healing and closure to a loved ones passing contact me. I also do tarot and oracle card readings, Energy Healings, and Dream Interpretation as well. My name is pronounced Share Ree. I am very passionate about my work and helping others with my gifts. Try me you won't be disappointed. The loss of two family members really helped me discover my mediumship ability, even helping to cross them both over. I have learned that we never really lose someone, they just change form and communicate in a different way with their energy. Everything is energy. Our loved ones very m...

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RATE : $3.33/Min

30+ years experience! Honest Answers! NO TOOLS, NO HOCUS POCUS!

Background: ~I started training with a master psychic at the age of 6 years old. I've mentored hundreds of psychics and currently advise many psychics on a regular basis, along with working for years with several police agencies and paranormal investigators. Having worked in private practice for over 20 years, I have been able to hone my skills/gifts to a precise science to be accurate and look into your specific situation. Specialties: ~ Deceased Loved Ones, Destiny/Life Path, ~Career/Work Money/Prosperity, ~Breakups/Divorce Skills. ~ Affirmations Gifts ~Clairaudient ~Clairvoyant ~Empath ~Medium Approach: ~I'm a Certified Master Psychic with over 30 years experience. ~I'm a Psychic, Medium and Manifestation Coach. ~Honest, Direct and No fl...

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RATE : $1.99/Min

Compassionate and Experienced Psychic/Medium

Jaime was the 2018 Psychic Expert for The National Enquirer!!! Jaime FitzPatrick, MBA is a gifted 3rd generation internationally known Psychic/Medium who provides accurate readings. Jaime specializes in relationships, love, career, finances & connecting others with loved ones who have crossed. Jaime realized that she had this gift at the age of 5 and started doing readings at the age of 15! She has over 20 years of professional experience giving accurate readings. Jaime has worked with many people on both energetic and spiritual levels to provide them not only answers to life's ups and downs but with peace and comfort too. Jaime uses a myriad of tools to assist clients including messages from spirit and sometimes uses Tarot and...

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RATE : $4.99/Min

a love expert clairvoyant love to make all my customers happy

Hi my name is psychic Anna and I would like to start off by thanking you for taking a moment out to visit with me. are you looking for answers? you came to the right place. I am here to help you. I am not here just to say things just to make you feel better. I am here to guide you into the light and out of the dark by telling you what doors to open in life. I am here to make a difference. it\'s not hopeless, there is still a chance. if you\'re tired of false promises and you are ready to hear the truth. do you wonder am I going to get a good job? is my love one true to me? will I find happiness? is there something in my future? well I am here to guide you with my spirit guides in love relationship marriage and business. why hold off for tom...

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RATE : $2.99/Min

Spiritual life coach and spiritual advisor

Readings by sherry and I have over 13 + years of experience with my psychic ability. I do provide tools if needed such as tarot card and crystal ball, interpret through vision, dreams, vibes & energy and more. I connect with feelings and emotions and physical while receiving strong vibe and visual images that enables me to understand and interpret your situation. I have helped many of people in all areas in life. My gift allows me to connect with lost ones but know your not alone in this. No question my is too big or too small for me to handle. All my readings are true and honest. So be prepared for the good and the bad all my readings are straightforward I am 99.99% accurate. I will tell you your past present & future and much more with lo...

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RATE : $1.25/Min


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